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Life trumps everything

Life trumps everything. That's the pandemic lesson I've learned.

I was going to write about how the pandemic has impacted us artists…making creating art way more difficult than it already is. Many of us are stuck. Frozen in fear. And, even though it’s seriously, and sometimes gut wrenching to produce art, the current state of the pandemic most certainly trumps all that (no pun intended).

It’s seriously beyond stressful, watching the inflicted and death numbers mount. Our region is a bit behind and our numbers are just beginning to significantly rise. I’m sobered to see and know many who won’t survive…either the financial impact to their business or who will succumb to the horrible loss of life—their own or a loved one. It keeps me up at night. Serious, life altering shit.

So far, we are ok. We live in a rural environment where social distancing is much easier because…well, we are in the sticks. Tonight, after watching the depressing news, I went out to feed our horses. I spent extra time grooming…. gently… providing an invisible layer of sweetness that the pandemic won’t. I sincerely felt and projected my gratitude to the horses. They don’t understand the gravity of the situation, but they can and do appreciate the energy that kindness and generosity brings them. They respond with a Zen-like calmness that amazes me. This got me thinking… is it possible to project this energy to others…would the response be similar? It’s a good enough reason to try.

We’ll get through this. I have a ton of faith and I promise I’m not totally wigging out. But I do want to reflect and become a better human as a result of this horrific mess. As an artist, I’ve witnessed that my subconscious helps me create beauty. Beauty that comes from my core. The viewer can feel it. Maybe that’s why it’s difficult to create art right now. In the same vein, just as my horses intuitively know my intent, my hope is that this horrible pandemic will teach me to work harder to ensure my fellow humans know my core human intent too. Through both art and life.

Love, peace and good health to all,


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